Lyle Sizemore - Lyle's Photography
Even as a young boy, Lyle always had a passion for the outdoors - hunting, fishing, and getting lost in the woods as only young boys can. In his early twenties, however, Lyle turned in his gun for a camera, and he has been shooting scenics and wildlife ever since.

Over the years, Lyle has been inspired by many professional photographers, including David Muench and John Shaw, both of whom he sees as his technical guides. And although he considers himself an amateur photographer in several respects, many of Lyle's friends, family, and colleagues have considered him a professional photographer for some time. Most recently, Lyle's photographs have been published in "Jackson Magazine," Detroit's "Metro Parent," and AAA's "Living" magazine.

Throughout his photographic life, Lyle, like many photographers, has battled with the pros and cons of digital versus film. In October 2005, he made his decision and purchased a Nikon D2X, which he still uses today. Lyle has never regretted the decision, believing that many more doors have been opened to him as a result of his digital work than what ever could have been possible with film.

Today, although he is employed full-time with Chrysler, Lyle is fortunate enough to be able to enjoy time with his three children - Justin, Kylene, and Jared - while also continuing his love for photography. Justin, his oldest daughter, lives with her husband and two daughters in Nashville, TN and helps out with the website. Kylene (and Jared when he isn't in school) is a wrangler at The Buffalo Ranch in Hanover, Michigan, where Lyle can sometimes be seen photographing the horses, buffalo, customers, and other wildlife...from horseback, of course. Jared has graduated from high school and is now attending college at the University of Toledo but has become quite the photographer himself.

Although many are fearful of the current economic situation, Lyle hopes that it will lead him to an early retirement, at which point he will delightfully devote his entire time to photography and his wife Cindy, whom he loves to teach. Ideally, he wishes to spend several months at a time in any given location, returning to Ohio and Michigan in the off-season. In other words, Lyle plans on returning to his youthful days of getting lost in the woods, as only old retired men can.